Idissia used to be a calm, predictable place. Monsters and magic were common, but manageable. Travel was uncommon, but possible. Cities and settlements were safe havens against the unknown, trade flourished, and life went on.

Much has changed in the past year. The harvest was poor, and game has been scarce. People traveling between settlements have been set upon by all manner of monsters, and few reach their destination unharmed. Disease has run rampant, and healers are desperately needed. Rumors have spread like wildfire: Wisewomen gossip about ill omens, hedge wizards mutter about ominous arcane fluctuations, and the clergy pray for forgiveness and mercy from deaf gods. Trade has become more dangerous than ever, with caravan raids becoming ever more common.

But the blackest of all rumors speaks of a Lord of Evil organizing a monstrous army, intent on crushing Idissia. Little is known about him: man or monster, mortal or undead, driven by ambition or madness. But the stories all say that he has declared war on Idissia, and will not stop until the last child is dead.

Behind the Scenes

Unbeknownst to many, for the past year a group of unlikely adventurers has banded together to explore the world and achieve greatness. As Idissia fell into greater misfortune, they encountered more and more powerful monsters, forcing them to hone their skills. They soon discovered the mysterious Lord of Evil and his growing army, and swore to destroy him in order to save Idissia. With stealth, skill, and a great deal of luck, they managed to take the Lord of Evil by surprise and kill him.


The Lord of Evil is slain, the day is won, but the story is far from over. No one in Idissia yet knows that the Lord of Evil is dead. The monstrous army is gathered, trained, equipped, and ready to wage war against Idissia — or without a leader to guide them, ready to rampage across the land, spreading death and chaos as they go. The King’s Army has been assembled for the first time in generations, ready to fend off the onslaught — but without a target, what will become of this fragile alliance? Finally, what of the mysterious adventurers? Highly skilled in sword and spell, but without a target, they are both powerful and unpredictable.

Player Characters (PCs)

The PCs begin the game as scouts in the King’s Army. They will quickly discover the Lord of Evil’s recent death, and must decide how to deal with it. See also character creation.